Sep 3, 2012
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Radio Zinhum - August (Sample)

راديو زينهم - مقطع من أغسطس

This one was started in late July and I finished it earlier today, there is no prevailing theme. 

Download or stream the full episode at the website, like on facebook and then give some feedback.

I’ll be reworking the website to make it more accessible from iPads and handheld devices before the next one.

Thank you for listening.

Jul 2, 2011
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Hazem Shaheen - The Horse of Darwish

Hazem Shaheen - The Horse of Darwish

This is what a professor of oud sounds like.

From the album Things That I Miss.

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Apr 20, 2011
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Hazem Shaheen - Adolescence

Hazem Shaheen, solo performance of Adolescence from the album Things That I Miss.

Riveting tune.

.الطفولة لحازم شاهين من الألبوم حاجات وحشتني

Hazem Shaheen, professor of oud was born in Alexandria in 1978, graduated with honors from the Higher Institute of Arabic Music in Giza 1999 and from The Cairo House of Oud in 2002. He is also attained first place in the International Oud competition in 2001 held by the Catholic University in Beirut.

حازم شاهين، بروفسور العود العربي،ولد فيه الاسكندرية في 1978,تخرج  من المعهد العالي للموسيقى العربية بتقديرامتياز مع مرتبة الشرف 1999 و من بيت العود العربي بالقاهرة بتقدير امتياز مع مرتبة الشرف 2002. حصل على الجائزة الأولى في أحسن عازف عود بمسابقة العود الدولية عام 2001 ببيروت تحت إشراف جامعة الكاثوليكية.

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East meets East; Outlet Mall.

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